Friday, April 22, 2011


     The all powerful lionheaded goddess of Egypt. Sekhmet is one of the oldest known Deities in Egypt and it depicted as a lionheaded woman, sometimes with the addition of a sun disc on her head. Her seated statues show her holding the ankh of life, but when she is standing or striding she usually holds a sceptre formed from papyrus suggesting that she was associated primarily with the North. Sekhmet was represented by the searing heat of the mid day sun and was a terrifying goddess. However, for her friends she could avert plague and cure disease. She was the patron of physicians, and healers and her priests became known as skilled doctors. 
    She is the protector of Ma'at(Balance or Justice) named "The one who loves Ma'at and who detests evil." She was often closely associated with Hathor (the goddess of joy, music, dance, sexual love, pregnancy and birth) In this partnership, she was seen as the harsh aspect of the friendly Hathor. A temple was constructed by Amenemhet II to Sekhmet-Hathor at Komel-Hisn( Imau in the Western Delta) in which she and Hathor are referred to as the mistress of Imau. 
   Sekhmet's main cult center was in Memphis (Men Nefer) where she was worshipped as the destroyer along side her consort Ptah (The Creator) and Nefertum (The HEaler). she was associated with the goddesses given the title "Eye of Ra". According to Myth, Ra became angry because mankind was not following his laws and preserving Ma'at/ So he decided to punish mankind by sending an aspect of his daughter, the "Eye of Ra". He plucked Hathor from Ureas on his brow, and sent her to earth in the form of a lion. She became Sekhmet, the Eye of Ra" and began his rampage. The fields ran with human blood. Ra was not a cruel deity and the sight of all the blood and gore caused him to repent. He ordered her to stop, but she was so far in a bloodlust, she couldn't stop and would not listen. So Ra poured 7000 jugs of beer and pomegranate juice (which stained the beer red, so it looked like blood) in her path. She drank the so called blood and became so drunk, she slept for three days when she awoke, the blood lust was gone and humanity was saved. THe saving of mankind was commemorated every year on the feast day of Hathor/Sekhmet. Everyone drank beer stained with Pomegranate juice and worshipped "the mistress and lady of the tomb, gracious one destroyer of rebellion, mighty one of enchantments. 
   A statue of Sekhmet was dressed in Red facing west, while Bast was dressed in Green and faced East. Bast was sometimes considered to be Sekmet's counterpart(or twin depending on the legend) and in the festival of Hathor they embodied the duality central to Egyptian Mythology. Sekhmet represented Upper Egypt, While Bast Represented Lower Egypt. There are many reasons to work with Sekhmet and her energies and powers. THese are to name a few; Protection, banishing, dealing with anger, fury and rage, Depression, working through menopause, developing willpower, strength, and courage, increasing assertive behavior, and sexual energy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some pictures of some of my crafts that I have made

My baby Chick amongst some flower pens

Close up, this was my first try at making it

Spiral Bracelet in Honor of Athena, greek goddess

Magickal Tool Bag

Earth toned necklace in honor of Brigit

Necklace in honor of Isis

Amethyst Necklace with a moon pendant in honor of Artemis

Turquoise necklace and earrings in honor of Yemaya

Tigereye and Turquoise set I made for my daughter

Crocheting an Afghan, circle style, current project

tough week

It's been a really tough week for me, sorry for the lack of Blogging. Anyhow I haven't been feeling up to par with my writing or any other craft for that matter. I've been trying my hand at crocheting and attempted to make a cute little chick, probably would have looked better if I had orange yarn for the beak. I'll post a picture, but you'll have to try and find it amongst some flowers. So anyhow, back to my tough week, full of mishaps, sadness, moodiness, etc.. and not just me, but my daughters as well. I will get back into the swing of things again, I promise. I'm also trying to find pictures of the crafts I did with each of the gods and goddesses I wrote about, something to honor them. So there you go, this kinda explains my absenteeism this past week.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yemaya was the River Goddess of the Yoruba in Nigeria. When her people were hoarded onto the slave ships, she went with them and this is how she became their Goddess of the Ocean. She is a mother goddess, The Goddess of home, fertility, love and family. Like the water, she brings change and constancy bringing forth life and protecting it, changing if necessary. Yemaya is also the Brazilian,  Yoruban, and the Afro-Caribbean Goddess and Orisha of mother love. On February 2nd, crowds gather on the beaches of Bahia in Brazil to honor her feast. Yemaya has the colors of blue-turquoise and white. Her symbols include seashells, a gourd, rattle, an anchor, a key, and the turquoise stone.

Prayer/Chant to Yemaya;
Goddess of the Ocean
Goddess of the Sea,
Hear me now, hear my plea
Yemaya so beautiful, so bright
Be with me and make it right
You are the source of all Earth's life
By your water I breathe new life
As I Start to be alive by your great wisdom and knowledge
as the elixir of life flows through me, Blessed Be.

Ra- Egyptian Sun God

Ra was the Major Solar Deity of the Ancient Egyptians. He appeared on the Ancient pyramidal stone in the Phoenix Hall of Heliopolis, as a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. Ra's Cult concerned itself with material benefits; health, children, virility, and the destiny of the nation. Ra was the King of the living while Osiris was the king of the dead. Ra was usually depicted in human form with a falcon head crowned with the sun disk encircled by the Uraeus (Sacred Cobra), He also went by Amen/Amun.

We can bring Ra into our lives by asking him to keep us warm with his rays of sunlight and to keep us safe by using the Eye of Ra in our household.

Prayer/ Chant;
You keep us warm with your sun
You keep us safe with your eyes
You are the almighty king of the living
and we worship you Ra, God the Sun
Blessed Be

Saturday, April 9, 2011


One of my Favorites; Osiris was the Supreme Egyptian God of the Underworld, Brother and Husband to Isis, Father To Horus. He was worshiped as a Fertility, Resurrection,  and vegetation God, I see where he comes in as a Fertility God because of  how Isis conceived Horus after his brother Seth Killed him and chopped him up in bits and pieces, Isis and her sister Nephthys found all the pieces and put him back together again, cried out to Re to have pity on him, and then had Anubis and Thoth mummify him for awhile. Isis breathed life back into Osiris, and after that, Osiris impregnated her, and Horus was born. After Egyptians had died, they hoped to become one with Osiris, through him alone could immortality be achieved, in other words it was up to him if he thought they were worthy of being Reborn.

How you can bring him into your life; If you are looking to conceive or fertilize a garden or a plant, or if you are mourning a loved one, you can call upon Osiris for assistance

Friday, April 8, 2011


Geb was the father of Osiris, Seth, Isis, and Nephthys and he represented the Earth. He was also the brother and husband of the Goddess Nut and son to Shu and Tefnut. He was also called "The Great Cackler" a reference to the Cosmic egg that contained the sun, the symbol of creation. In some temples, he was depicted as a man with a goose on his head. Geb was a member of the Ennead of Heliopolis and one of the most important Gods of Ancient Egypt. He was associated with Healing and it was high ranged, Even Osiris commanded Geb to restrain the malicious spirits which caused colds and fevers.

So whenever you or I need healing when we are sick, this little prayer or chant can be said

Geb, Hear my Call
Geb, be with me at this time
Heal me from this sickness, so I can be well, This I ask of you.
So mote it Be.

Here's an Earth Scented Incense to use when you are praying to Geb;
Materials needed; Mortar and Pestle, pine needles, fresh thyme, Patchouly Oil, Charcoal, and Cauldron.
Instructions; Take one part of pine needles, and one part of the fresh thyme, add a few drops of patchouly oil and ground them up in the mortar and pestle. Add some of this mixture to your charcoal in the cauldron and enjoy the earthy smell to honor Geb.