Thursday, September 29, 2011


A Familiar is a living creature or animal that has personal and spiritual meaning to you. Some describe their familiars as their Spiritual Teachers while on their Magickal Journey, Other People just call them their companions, either way these creatures or pets are special to you. Familiars can be just about any animal or creature that we can find a connection to, it doesn't have to be just a cat, a wolf, a toad, an Eagle, or a dog because there is no one way to discover who it might be or no right way to honor or experience them.

Do I have a Familiar? Why Yes I do, The cats in the neighbourhood seem to like flocking to my doorstep and even come in for a bite to eat. My Cat Lulu is my familiar, she likes to have a nap on my altar or join in on the rituals, She also likes to put her 2 cents in when I'm mixing my herbs. I've had her since day 1 from the moment she was born and I thought she was so special, no one adopted her, so she became a part of my family and I'm glad she did. I do believe I have other Familiars as well, One being Birds and the other Dragon Fly. I feel so connected to these animals and every where I go these animals are close by. So what are your Familiars?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pedophiles to serve less than growers - Canada News -

Pedophiles to serve less than growers - Canada News -

Okay when I saw this I am automatically thinking WTF!!!!! Apparently our children are less important than pot smokers/growers whatever. What the F@!$ is wrong with this government? Pedophiles should be punished more severely, especially when it comes to harming our children, My Children's safety is more important than hearing about a pot grower. I mean come on Harper, you dumb ass, think about what you are doing? Do you not think that ass wipes like pedophiles deserve more harsher sentences to keep them off our streets, do you not think that once they get out, they won't do it again...hahaha big fricking joke. Pedophiles Destroy lives, Children have to live with it the rest of their lives, the night mares, the counselling, the trust issues, We have life long sentences. Pedophiles deserve the same

Monday, September 26, 2011

Prayer to Grandmother Spider

Hear my Call Grandmother Spider
Mother of all the Earth
Help me reconnect to my own
Spiritual Source of Higher Power
and help me to live in peace
and harmony with the Earth
Show me your ways Grandmother Spider
That I may learn to keep my dreams alive
So Mote it Be

About Me

First off I'm a mom of two beautiful daughters, Sienna is 14 and has PDD-Nos, which is on the Autism Spectrum, the 1st light of my life, Second light in my life is my daughter Jasmine who is 12, a bright, smart, young lady who knows how to brighten up anyone's world regardless of who they are. I'm so proud of how they're growing up. Okay more about me, I'm a witch, yes I said that right, a witch and proud of who I am. I am constantly learning new things, not really a people person, but I still like people, I'm quite shy. I love to write when I can, listen to all types of music when I'm in the mood, but mostly rock and classic rock are my faves. I also love to paint. Not the greatest Artist, but I still love it. I have 2 pets a cat and a rat. Lulu is a long haired gray and white tabby, and rascal is a tan and white rat. My Youngest Daughter and I have been vegetarian since January of this Year, Sienna has chosen not to take that path and I'm okay with it. In my Blogs I will have a Variety of Topics, depending what I feel like sharing. I forgot to mention I have ADD, My birthday is October 31st, and I will be turning 40 this year...yay me

How I got to be where I am now

So it all started when I was about 16 after my grandmother died, I was a Christian, I went to all different kinds of churches growing up since I was a small child, but lets get back to 16. I went to the library one day, I was searching for something. I wasn't sure what. All I know was I was quite Sad after losing my grandmother to Cancer, she meant the absolute world to me. I wondered why God had taken her from us so soon, it wasn't fair. I was searching for peace or answers and I came across a couple of books "Drawing Down the Moon" by Margot Adler and "The Spiral Goddess by Star Hawk. I'm thinking hmm, these books look interesting, but I am still looking for something else. However they kept drawing my attention back to them and I finally decided to borrow them, of course I got a strange look from the librarian, but she didn't say anything. I brought them home and started reading them, I was quite enthralled. I think I found what I was looking for, however mom, dad, relatives told me I was going to hell for reading those, so I stopped and continued finding my place in this world, continuing going to different churches, going through many tragic events in my life, feeling life wasn't worth living any more, etc.... Anyhow I kept going back to the craft and I liked it, and I kept going back to churches, didn't like. Where the hell was I going in life? 7 years ago, that was it, I was done with going to church, I wasn't happy, too many damn hippocrits and judgemental people, just wasn't my thing. I went back to WitchCraft, and haven't looked back. I am happy, very happy, I finally found my true home in this world. That is where I am now and I don't intend on changing. Blessed be )O(

Elements- What they mean to me?

Air Element- This Element to me represents the air we breathe, the wind blowing through the leaves or our hair, The Wind chimes gently chiming, The birds that fly through the air feeling free. It also represents a sense of distance and detachment. Communication, knowledge
Fire Element- This element to me represents warmth and heat,  Fire, passion, sex. It also represents Anger and Strength. Courage and Inspiration
Water Element- Water Represents the ocean, the rain, and our tears. It represents Healing, calmness, and hope that springs Eternal. Emotional Issues.
Earth Element- Earth Represents the mountains, the grass, Rocks and the forests. It also represents confidence in my own strength and a sense of security. It also represents fertility and growth.
Spirit Element- Spirit Represents initiation, transition, transformation, spiritual growth and knowledge.