Monday, September 26, 2011

About Me

First off I'm a mom of two beautiful daughters, Sienna is 14 and has PDD-Nos, which is on the Autism Spectrum, the 1st light of my life, Second light in my life is my daughter Jasmine who is 12, a bright, smart, young lady who knows how to brighten up anyone's world regardless of who they are. I'm so proud of how they're growing up. Okay more about me, I'm a witch, yes I said that right, a witch and proud of who I am. I am constantly learning new things, not really a people person, but I still like people, I'm quite shy. I love to write when I can, listen to all types of music when I'm in the mood, but mostly rock and classic rock are my faves. I also love to paint. Not the greatest Artist, but I still love it. I have 2 pets a cat and a rat. Lulu is a long haired gray and white tabby, and rascal is a tan and white rat. My Youngest Daughter and I have been vegetarian since January of this Year, Sienna has chosen not to take that path and I'm okay with it. In my Blogs I will have a Variety of Topics, depending what I feel like sharing. I forgot to mention I have ADD, My birthday is October 31st, and I will be turning 40 this year...yay me

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