Monday, September 26, 2011

How I got to be where I am now

So it all started when I was about 16 after my grandmother died, I was a Christian, I went to all different kinds of churches growing up since I was a small child, but lets get back to 16. I went to the library one day, I was searching for something. I wasn't sure what. All I know was I was quite Sad after losing my grandmother to Cancer, she meant the absolute world to me. I wondered why God had taken her from us so soon, it wasn't fair. I was searching for peace or answers and I came across a couple of books "Drawing Down the Moon" by Margot Adler and "The Spiral Goddess by Star Hawk. I'm thinking hmm, these books look interesting, but I am still looking for something else. However they kept drawing my attention back to them and I finally decided to borrow them, of course I got a strange look from the librarian, but she didn't say anything. I brought them home and started reading them, I was quite enthralled. I think I found what I was looking for, however mom, dad, relatives told me I was going to hell for reading those, so I stopped and continued finding my place in this world, continuing going to different churches, going through many tragic events in my life, feeling life wasn't worth living any more, etc.... Anyhow I kept going back to the craft and I liked it, and I kept going back to churches, didn't like. Where the hell was I going in life? 7 years ago, that was it, I was done with going to church, I wasn't happy, too many damn hippocrits and judgemental people, just wasn't my thing. I went back to WitchCraft, and haven't looked back. I am happy, very happy, I finally found my true home in this world. That is where I am now and I don't intend on changing. Blessed be )O(

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