Monday, September 26, 2011

Elements- What they mean to me?

Air Element- This Element to me represents the air we breathe, the wind blowing through the leaves or our hair, The Wind chimes gently chiming, The birds that fly through the air feeling free. It also represents a sense of distance and detachment. Communication, knowledge
Fire Element- This element to me represents warmth and heat,  Fire, passion, sex. It also represents Anger and Strength. Courage and Inspiration
Water Element- Water Represents the ocean, the rain, and our tears. It represents Healing, calmness, and hope that springs Eternal. Emotional Issues.
Earth Element- Earth Represents the mountains, the grass, Rocks and the forests. It also represents confidence in my own strength and a sense of security. It also represents fertility and growth.
Spirit Element- Spirit Represents initiation, transition, transformation, spiritual growth and knowledge.

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