Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Samhain is almost Here and day 14/44 of witchiness; What is a favorite Pagan Holiday I like to celebrate

5 more Days until Samhain and 5 more days until I turn the Big 40..woot woot. So I'm gonna say that as part of the 44 days of witchiness, I'm gonna add this one as Day 14/44- What is a favorite Pagan Holiday I like to Celebrate? Well duh its obvious. This year is especially good because it falls on the year we have a party for the kids or teenagers now, I guess. So its gonna be like a 40th birthday party, except with The house is getting decorated, the pumpkins will be carved probably tomorrow, I have to bake and cook and clean, and make sure the movies are working properly by Saturday...UGH time to get the kids on board I think. So anyhow for Samhain (pronounced Sow-in), I like to set up an extra plate for those ancestors who have passed on and make a dinner in honor of our ancestors. Here's the Menu:

Appetizer; Bannock, which is a Native American Quick Bread, made for my native american Ancestors
2 1/2 cups of Flour
6 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 TBSP Sugar (optional)
1/3 cup shortening
2 eggs (optional)
1 cup of water or more
Method: Combine the first 4 ingredients, add shortening, rubbing it in to form fine crumbs. Combine Egg with water (if using an egg), and add to flour mixture, stir to form a soft dough, and knead briefly, If using a frying pan, grease the pan then dust with flour, place about a quarter of the dough in the pan and heat. Bake until the bottom is lightly brown, then flip. Bake about 10 mins on the opposite side. Bake remaining dough in similar fashion. If baking in the oven pat down into greased pie plate. Bake in 400 degree oven, for about 20 minutes, or until cooked in the middle. Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top while still warm.

Salad: Caesar Salad; this is a Family favorite and very simple to make; Romaine Lettuce, Caesar Salad Dressing, Croutons and some parmeson cheese, then mix it all together.

Main Dish: Varenki, Made for my Russian Ancestors

Dessert: Apple Crisp, made in honor of my Norwegian ancestors, Okay not exactly a norwegian recipe, I made Apple Cake once also known as Eplekake, but this year I'm making things simple and buying some Apple Crisp.

Beverage: Apple Juice for the Girls and a glass of wine for me.

So what are the Activities we plan on doing; Well going out getting candy for one, then I have a special Ritual I like to do to remember my loved ones, I'll add that on Later, maybe tomorrow

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 12/44- Picture of Nature (Air Element)

I thought I did this already, but then that's okay, so I picked this one a beautiful sunset, the colors are absolutely gorgeous in the sky

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 11/44- Witchy Tools: Oils

Oil is a symbol of the element of fire and their magic works through vibrations and scent

Here are some of my favorites:

First off the Base Oil, which is used to mix and blend the oils

I like to use Grapeseed oil because
Grape seed oil is a preferred cosmetic ingredient for control of skin moisturization. A light, thin oil, grape seed oil leaves a glossy film over the skin when used as a carrier oil foressential oils in aromatherapy. It contains more linoleic acid than many other carrier oils. Grape seed oil is also used as a lubricant for shaving.

I also like to use Sweet Almond Oil because it's mild and it's used as well in Prosperity rituals such as annointing candles and money, etc.., also the symbol of wakefulness to the ancient Egyptians.

I also like Jojoba oil, but it can be fairly expensive and its not really an oil but they call it a wax ester, its an all day moisturizer.

Anyhow Let's get to the oils;

Basil- used for money, harmony, promotes sympathy, happiness and peace
Bergamot- Money and protection
Camphor- Purification, healing (particularly respiratory problems) and chastity
Cedar- Balance, spirituality, courage dreams
Cinnamon- used for personal protection, sexual stimulant for females, good for meditation, added to any incense, it increases its powers, money, and purification.
Clove- Courage, protection, sexual attractiveness, inhaled the oil helps the memory and eyesight, also good for toothaches.
Cypress- consecration, protection, healing (that of psychological problems), longevity
Eucalyptus- Health, Respiratory healing, purification, cures cold with daily application, add it to your healing baths
Frankincense- used to anoint magical tools, the altar. A strong purifier used in exorcisms, purification rituals, and blessings
Gardenia- Wear to attract love, A powerful feminine magnetic oil, protective
Grapefruit- Purification, banishes a sour disposition
Honeysuckle- An oil of the mind, it promotes quick thinking and is often used as a memory aid by dabbing on the temples, also used in prosperity rituals.
Jasmine- Symbol of the moon, used to attract love, helps you relax and sleep, sometimes used for meditation and general anointing purposes.
Lavender- Health, peace, relaxation, sleep, purification, fertility, love
Lemon- Energy, mental clarity, wit, cleansing
Lemon Grass- Psychic Awareness, purification, lust
Lemon Verbena- Love, purification
Lilac- Induces far memory, the act of recalling past lives, brings peace and harmony
Lime- Purification, cleansing, protection, fertility, love
Lotus- The sacred oil of the ancient Egyptians, suitable for blessings, anointing, meditation, dedicatory oil to your god(s)
Magnolia- Meditation, love, fidelity
Musk- sex, purification, courage
Myrrh- Spirituality, meditation, healing and blessing
Neroli- Happiness, protection, purification
Oak Moss- Money, prosperity, fertility
Orange- Purification, heightened awareness, luck
Patchouli- Money, physical energy, attraction, protection, sex
Peppermint- Purification, mental energy
Pine- Purification, money, healing, cleansing
Rose- Love, peace, sexual desire, beauty, maternal love
Rosemary- Love, Healing, energy, breaks hexes
Sandalwood- Spirituality, meditation, sex ,healing
Sweet Pea- New Friends, love, Happiness
Tangerine- Strength, power, Vitality
Vanilla- A vitalizing oil, energy restorer, sexually arousing in women
Vetivert- Money, Prosperity, attractiveness, breaks hexes
Yarrow- Courage, love, banishes negative entities
Ylang Ylang- Love, peace, sex, healing

Some Oil Recipes you may like;

Remember to always use an 1/8th of a cup of base oil with these.

Air Oil (elemental)- wear to invoke the powers of air and to promote clear thinking, for travel spells, and to over come addictions
5 drops Lavender
3 drops Sandalwood
1 drop Neroli

Anointing Oil- used for general ritual anointing purposes

5 drops Sandalwood
3 drops cedarwood
1 drop lemon
1 drop orange

Aphrodite Oil- use an olive oil base, and the Orris root to the oils, anoint your body to bring a love into your life

5 drops Cypress
2 drops Cinnamon
a small piece of dried orris root

Zodiac Sign Oils- wear as a personal oil to increase your own powers

Aquarius Oil

5 drops Lavender
1 drop cypress
1 drop patchouli

Aries Oil

3 drops frankincense
1 drop ginger
1 drop black pepper
1 drop petitgrain

Cancer Oil

4 drops Palmarosa
1 drop camomile
1 drop yarrow

Capricorn oil

3 drops Vetivert
2 drops Cypress
1 drop Patchouli

Gemini Oil

4 drops Lavender
1 drop peppermint
1 drop lemongrass
1 drop Sweetpea Bouquet

Leo Oil

3 drops Petitgrain
1 drop orange
1 drop lime

Libra Oil

4 drops Rose Geranium
2 drops Ylang Ylang
2 drops Palmarosa
1 drop Rose Absolut or otto
1 drop Cardamom

Pisces Oil

3 drops Ylang Ylang
3 drops Sandalwood
1 drop Jasmine

Sagittarius Oil

4 drops Rosemary
2 drops Oakmoss Bouquet
1 drop clove

Scorpio Oil

3 drops pine
2 drops cardamom
1 drop black pepper

Taurus Oil

4 drops oakmoss
2 drops cardamom
1 drop ylang ylang

Virgo Oil

4 drops oakmoss
2 drops patchouli
1 drop cypress

 Okay I am done with the oils for now because my computer today has cause me lots of grief and this one post has taken me all day to finish. Blessed Be )O(

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 10/44- Your Sun Sign

This is my Sun Sign, which really answers a lot of questions to why I am the way I am.

Scorpio Astrology October 23 - November 21

Scorpio Strength Keywords:

- Loyal
- Passionate
- Resourceful
- Observant
- Dynamic

Scorpio Weakness Keywords:

- Jealous
- Obsessive
- Suspicious
- Manipulative
- Unyielding

Scorpio and Independence:

Scorpios are fiercely independent. They are able to accomplish anything they put their mind to and they won't give up. They are perfectly suited to being on their own. They are not social butterflies like some other zodiac signs and some actually prefer to live on their own that way there is never any issue of who controls what at home, they like to be in control.

Scorpio and Friendship:

Relationships with Scorpio are always complicated, just like the person, their relationships are a series of extremes, they can even be downright moody for no apparent reason. Scorpios are known for their possessiveness and jealousy but on the other hand, they are extremely loyal. Scorpios have an excellent memory and combined with an inability to let things go, they can hold a grudge against someone who did them harm forever, in fact a Scorpio rarely if never forgives and forgets. They will even go as far as get vengeance on the person. On the other hand, they will always remember a kind gesture forever and repay it. Any kind selfless gesture done to a Scorpio will gain trust and respect which is extremely important to them in any relationship, either romantic or not. The best advice is to be honest with a Scorpio friend and in return, you will gain an amazing friend you will never forget and who will be loyal to you and never make false promises. Their truthful and shocking sense of humor if different than that of any other zodiac sign and the Scorpio makes an amazing, powerful interesting friend that can be trusted.

Scorpio and Business:

Scorpios make excellent doctors, surgeons, scientists and leaders, they are perfectly suited to any form of business that makes a difference in the world, greatly impacts people and society and a most importantly, Scorpio has to be in a power position, this is why these careers are suited to the Scorpio, they all demand one person in supreme control giving orders and leading a unit of people/practices. In business, Scorpios tend to easily gather wealth, they make very wise business decisions and they are very conservative about spending their money. Scorpios are known for making money and hiding it, they will not announce it due to to fear that others will take the same route and becoming a possible competitor, or worse try to use the Scorpio to their advantage to use them for their money.

Scorpio and Temperament:

Scorpios are extremely ambitious, persistent and determined which is shown through a power hungry, controlling attitude. Not in a stubborn sense however, because a Scorpio will work for what they want and control will justified reasons. This is obvious to any onlooker. A Scorpio never gives up, they are so determined to reach their goal. The key to this success is their flexibility. They are able to re-survey a situation and take a different approach if necessary. This makes them very adaptable and versatile. Scorpios are fierce competitors, combined with their powers of observation and their excellent memory, they will recall facts and when necessary, bring them to the table at the time of need. They will win justly, with proper facts and arguments to support their thoughts and opinions. Scorpios are excellent at restoring order to a chaotic situation and they are just as capable of manipulating for their own greed and benefit. The un-evolved Scorpio is a very dangerous person because they use their powers to benefit only them and step on other people in order to satisfy their own greed.

Scorpio Deep Inside:

Scorpio is the most misunderstood of all astrology signs. They are all about intensity and contradictions. They like to be aware of a situation and always know what's going on, figuring this out with their probing mind, on the other hand, they are interested in the occult, the paranormal, conspiracy theories and other types of similar unknown mysteries. They are very capable of hiding their true feelings and motivations, they often have ulterior motives or a hidden agenda.
Scorpios are all about control, they need to be in control at all times. To be out of control is very threatening, even dangerous to the Scorpio's psyche, when they control, they feel safe.
Scorpios are very emotional, their emotions are intensified, both good emotions and bad. Negative emotions of jealousy and resentment are hallmarks of this turbulent astrology sign. On the other side, Scorpios are well known for their forceful and powerful drive to succeed and their amazing dedication. Scorpios are constantly trying to understand their emotions through finding a deeper purpose in life.
Scorpios are very intuitive, but not as in a psychic sense, more as intuitive into the human mind, they have a great understanding of the mystery and the power of the human mind.
Scorpios have a fear of failure which they keep hidden extremely well, should their confrontation not be successful, or their career fail, they will simply use their adaptive skill to quickly move and and leave the bad experience behind. Do not ever expect them to fess up or share their tale with anyone however because this shows signs of weakness and Scorpio always wins, they are always the self-proclaimed best! One of the reasons they seem like they always accomplish their goals is because they set tangible short-term goals that they know they can accomplish, they know what they are capable of and this is what they go for.
Scorpios are very weary about trusting anyone, a person needs to gain their trust and this gets built up over time and once all the 'trust tests' have been passed, Scorpio loves deeply and intensely. Underneath the cool exterior, energies and emotions are constantly flowing but the Scorpio deals with this be channeling this into useful activities, hobbies, relationships or a career. This is never apparent to the outside observer but knowing this fact explains why Scorpios are so passionate about whatever it is that they are undertaking. Scorpios have powerful instincts and they trust their own gut feeling which is another reason why a Scorpio seldom fails.
The ongoing lesson in life for those born under the Scorpio zodiac signs, is to channel their powerful energy into positive goals and not succumbing to the darker forces in life such as manipulation and greed, they will then have great success in their life and have a clean, happy conscience and a circle of friends they can trust and hold dear to them.

Scorpio in a Nutshell:

Scorpio is the astrology sign of extremes and intensity. Scorpios are very deep, intense people, there is always more then meets the eye. They present a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world yet lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive. Scorpios have a very penetrative mind, do not be surprised if they ask questions, they are trying to delve deeper and figure things out and survey the situation. They always want to know why, where and any other possible detail they can possibly know. Scorpio's are very weary of the games that other people try to play and they are very aware of it. Scorpios tend to dominate and control anyone that lets them, or anyone that they find weak. The person that a Scorpio respects and holds close to them is treated with amazing kindness, loyalty and generosity. On the outside, a Scorpio has great secretiveness and mystery. This magnetically draws people to them. They are known to be controlling and too ambitious but only because they need control for this makes them feel safe.

What it's Like to Date a Scorpio Woman:

Scorpio woman is very emotional, very demanding and very demonstrative. She is full of flair and intrigue, a fascinating woman that the strong A-type personality male will adore, for she presents the right amount of challenge with the right amount of rewards. The Scorpio woman is the ultimate seductive, flirtatious woman. She won't give a man her heart very easily because she is weary of trusting another person. The man will have to go through a series of 'mental testes' in order for the relationship to get solid and close. She may not show it, but she wants a close committed relationship. Ion order for this, the man has to be trusted, has to be affectionate and never try to control her. She is very possessive but the Scorpio woman is so full of mystery, sensuality and passion that most men do not mind being possessed by her.

What it's Like to Date a Scorpio Man:

TheScorpio male is unlike any other man of any other astrology sign. He is so unique that a seperate section is needed to explain about dating theScorpio man. Unlike most other zodiac signs, what it's like to date a Scorpio woman is very similar to dating a Scorpio man. The main difference is that instead of presenting a powerful feminine force like the woman, the Scorpio man presents a strong masculine, sexual force. The Scorpio man is easy to seduce and take home for the night, it is much harder to form a real relationship with him. The Scorpio man is very sensitive and feels lonely and unfulfilled, but he will never let a woman know this. Behind closed doors, be sensitive and affectionate to him appeal to his emotions only if you want a close relationship with him do not attempt to lead him on because he will see this and never forgive you. Toying with a Scorpio male is an unwise move. He will be jealous and possessive and will never allow a woman to control him. Let him take the lead because the Scorpio male is truly a fascinating person, you can never go wrong when he is planning the night! Scorpio men are very moody and their moods change like a pendulum on a clock. Stand by his side in these times and it will pass. Do not nag on him for he has a hard enough time understanding his own emotions. Scorpio men make excellent protectors and you will always feel safe under his radiating, passionate and energetic power.

How to Attract Scorpio:

Never be fake with a Scorpio, they can see it a mile away. Be genuine with your comments and listen to them attentively, (they always have something interesting to say so this is never a problem!) Do not try to hide things from them or tease them, they always have to know what is going on. Remember, they are the only ones that are allowed to tease and present the mystery and intrigue! They like frankness and honesty, speak your mind they will respect that. Scorpios are interested in almost all activities, so finding something to do should never be a problem. They are unpredictable and could change course of the date mid-way though so take these last minute changes with a smile and try something different. They like people who are not afraid to ditch a plan and try another. In conversation, do not tell them that their opinions are wrong or shoot them down, they are too proud for this and even if it is a joke, they might not take it with the humor that you meant. Never try to control them but do not be the damsel in distress either, they like strong, real people with driving ambitious personality like theirs.

Scorpio Erogenous Zone:

The genitals are everybody's erogenous zone but since the Scorpio is the most sexually charged of all zodiac signs, the genitals are extremely sensitive and will ignite a passionate fire that cannot be extinguished. Stroke and caress these areas lightly. There is no wrong way to stimulate this area, but be gentle.

Sex With Scorpio:

Sex with Scorpio is a total emotional and physical experience with passion and intensity. They have amazing stamina and can last all night long, round after round. Scorpio is the zodiac sign that is the most likely to act out a sexual fantasy. Most people will talk about it but the Scorpio will do it, they will fully throw themselves into the role. Do not suggest a fantasy to a Scorpio unless you plan to do it! Most Scorpios are direct and forceful and they seem to be an expert at what they do. They continue to seduce you even as the act continues. A thrilling experience not for the faint of heart!

Secrets, Dreams, and Ambitions

Ever since I watched Oprah's Life Class yesterday, about the truth setting you free, to share your deep dark secrets with those people you care about, its been really bugging me. I have so many secrets that have been surfacing and its been really bugging me to decide whether to share or not. So I'm going to share in hopes of being free.

 I am not successful in life, I feel alone in the world, no one really cares about me.
 I have no motivation to succeed in life, yes I have all these dreams and ambitions but I have no idea how to start.
I like to be alone, but then again a part of me feels like I want to be loved
I feel that I must make other people happy by doing what they ask otherwise they would hate me or be mad at me.
I like to hurt myself Sexually

So there are my secrets, now some of them I'm sure it would be okay to share now that I see them, but the last one I feel so ashamed, actually I'd rather have someone else hurt me like that and I know it's normal for some people to want this, but I feel like its not because when I do I always fantasize that it is the men who hurt me doing it which is why I find it strange. I want them out of my mind, out of my life I want to move on and heal this emotional trauma, but I can't because they are always in my mind, always. I am disgusted by this, which is why I find it hard to share this secret.  I really need a life, I really want to get my writing career up and running. I love to write, but find I have no words to say at times, Yes I've written a few novels and yes I have one that is hopefully ready to go get published, now that's exciting getting published, I want to be published, so why can't I take those steps to get published, why I am so scared. I want to be like JK Rowling, I want to be as successful as her, she inspires me, but I feel like I'm not as good as her, damn low self worth, low self confidence, UMMM hello it's called procrastination, duh. I know what its that's me to a tee, a damn procrastinator, a lovely lovely lady with ADD, fun fun fun. I have a daughter with PDD Nos and I have ADD, I swear one day I'm gonna battle this and I'm gonna succeed and I'm gonna live my dream as a best selling author, but I have to make that happen, I can only do this, once I figure out how to do it. See with all my dreams and Ambitions, I want to do alot. I want to open my own Occult Shop, I want to be a best selling Author, I want to open my own Book/ cafe, I want to go back to school and become a Rape counsellor. I do want so much in life, but again HOW??? I feel stuck in this sad pathetic life of mine. WOW Oprah was right, the truth shall set you free, I just hope no one changes their feelings about me, please don't hate me I had to let these secrets out in order for me to find some kind of relief, to help me move on with my life, to find some kind of happiness. I am hoping now this will happen.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 7/8/9 Air element/ a photo of a magical place out doors/ A favorite Mythological Animal

Yes I know I said yesterday I was gonna try and catch up on my days but my computer was acting up and being slower than a snail which was really annoying the hell out of me, so I gave up. But today is all about pictures and I like pictures and I'm gonna add all 3 pictures right here right now

Day 7- Air Element I thought an eagle soaring through the sky was the perfect Representation of an Air Element, he's so strong and majestic.

Day 8- A photo of a magical place outdoors, I chose the Stonehenge, one of my dream magical places I wish to visit before I go off to the Summerlands.

Day 9- A favorite Mythological Animal, I chose the Phoenix because I love how she always survives and raises up from the Ashes, and she's so beautiful

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 6/44- a Favorite God

Yes I know I'm behind a few days, so I think I might try to catch up today. So today one of my favorite Gods and believe me I have a hard time deciding who that might be, I have several. This one I just learnt about within the past couple of years, I mean I've heard of him all my life but to actually research and learn more about him was ummm to say interesting. So here's an essay I wrote about Poseidon/Neptune;

 Poseidon was the ruler of the sea. He was Zeus's brother and second only to him in eminence. The Greeks on both sides of Aegean were Seamen and Poseidon was of great importance to them. His wife's name was Amphitrite, who was the granddaughter of the Titan, Ocean. He had a beautiful palace beneath the sea, but he was most often to be found in Olympus.
      Poseidon was a powerful, decisive, competitive, and dignified god. He was known by many names like Earth Shaker, Rain God, Cloud Gatherer, and Poseidon of the Thunderbolt. He was also known as the Roman God Neptune. It was very important to stay on his good side, for he was also moody and hottempered, quick to take offense, and made a hobby out of taking his revenge out on those who angered him. Punishing Odysseus for blinding his gigantic one eyed son Cyclops. Poseidon spent eight years getting even with him, causing earthquakes, storms at sea, and throwing horrendous sea monsters in his Path.
       Although alot of  the myths showed him in a negative light, either raping women or exacting retribution from his foes, he was also a deity who made the land fertile by providing its life giving moisture and ensured the safety of the sailors who tilled the seas. His name meant "Husband of The Earth." and as a consort to the Titan Great Goddess Gaia(Mother Earth). Poseidon was originally worshipped as a fertility God.
       Like his brothers and sisters, Poseidon was born Full Grown. His father. the Titan God Cronus, fearing a prophecy that one of his children would overthrow him, swallowed each of his children to prevent the fulfillment of the Prophecy. All that is except the sixth born Zeus, who was hidden away by their mother, the Goddess Rhea, and grew up to liberate his siblings by tricking Cronus into drinking an Emetic that made him vomit them out.
       After Poseidon and his brothers and sisters defeated the Titans and dethroned their father Cronus, the Greek Gods held a Lottery to determine which of the realms each would rule. Hades drew the Underworld, Poseidon won the oceans, and Zeus got the Heavens, making him supreme ruler, but they all agreed to share the power over the Earth, with the greatest responsibility going to Poseidon. Poseidon didn't like being second fiddle to his brother Zeus, so he recruited the others to overthrow the government. They also managed to capture and immobilize Zeus, but he quickly managed to escape and foil their plot. For punishment, Poseidon was sentenced to a year of manual labor building the great wall around Troy with his his brother Apollo and was also banished from his home.
        Poseidon was an honorable God. He always kept his word, He had no time for those whose word could not be relied upon. When the king of Crete requested a gift from Poseidon, a fine bull to sacrifice, Poseidon generously sent him the very finest from his herd, So fine in fact that King Minos decided to keep it himself instead of sacrificing it. Poseidon was angry and caused the king's wife to fall in love with the bull. The Eventual outcome of their love affair was the birth of a child, half bull and half human called the Minotaur.
        On the Subject of Poseidon and his relationships with women...One Word, and that is CAD. Okay, so he was a Fertility God and he would be every bit as lusty and sexually insatiable as his brother Zeus. They both had Numerous affairs and a great number of children resulted in those, but there was a difference. When Zeus desired a woman, he usually made an effort to seduce her, either by courting her affection or by trickery, but Poseidon, the Cad that he was, always used outright physical force to get his way. Poseidon was unsuccessful in his attempt to Subjugate the Virgin Goddess Athena, The Greek Goddess of War, who was able to physically repel hi. In his attempt, however he spilt his semen on the ground and a child grew from it. Athena graciously agreed to provide a home for the child.
        He did manage to fall in love eventually, as he watched the Sea Goddess Amphitrite dancing, something stirred in him, Oh Yes the usual Sexual tendencies, but also something sensitive and tender, however not knowing how  to use his tendencies on a woman properly, he used his normal way and scared her off to the bottom of the sea. He was Devastated. His friend Delphinus(Dolphin) volunteered to find her and plead his case. He finally convinced Amphitrite that Poseidon truly loved her, and she became his wife and queen of the seas. She bore him 2 children. His son Triton rode with Poseidon in his chariot across the seas, trumeting a seashell to announce Poseidon's arrival wherever they went.
        Despite all his stories of revenge, Poseidon had a peaceful side as well. He offered protection to sailors, dried up lakes and rivers when needed to reclaim land for the building of cities, and continued to bless the land with fertile soil so that crops could grow. However difficult and Tumultuous Poseidon might have been, he reminds us to stay connected to the deep emotional and instinctual parts of ourselves, however uncomfortable, or even painful it might be.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 5/44- A Favorite Goddess

One of many favorites, this is a title page I had made for my BOS. Hecate is the Witch Goddess of Greece, the crone aspect of the triple goddess. She has power over heaven, earth, and the underworld. Hecate is most associated with the crossroads- a place of spiritual wisdom and dark intuitive magick. The ultimate sorceress and diviner, Hecate teaches her followers the path of the witch, and guides the seeker to the depths of the unconscious mind.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4/44- picture of Nature (Water Element)

This is a picture of Fletcher Falls by Kaslo BC, Canada, one of my most favorite places in the world. We used to go camping here. I find Water falls so beautiful and so serene

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 3/44 Witchy Tools- Athame

The athame is a very important tool in the spell casting and ritual performing of witchcraft, yet it is one of the most historically misunderstood items. Horror stories and tales of evil have been told for centuries, and the athame has been thought by many to be the tool used to sacrifice something or, in the most gruesome of stories, someone by a cult of crazed follower of some dark version of witchcraft. The reality is that the athame may be used to cut herbs or string, maybe even to carve symbols in candles, but never to spill blood or take a life.
The blade is a double-edged dagger that is used during ritual to command or direct and manipulate power that is raised within the circle. It traditionally has a black handle for the purpose of absorbing negative energy that may present itself during spell work or ritual.
The blade is double - edged to remind the user of the two sides of everything. One edge is meant to represent Life and positive, the other Death and negative, to remind all that we are the master of our own destiny. The user chooses if to practice positively or negatively. Remember balance is important in witchcraft, and the balance of positive and negative is one of the most important.
There are those traditions that say the athame should have only one edge, not be double – edged. Choosing a one edged or double -edged athame is a decision that must be made by the witch.
The blade is usually about 6 to 8 inches in length. This is the length of most dagger blades, so looking for this size is fairly easy. The length really does not matter, but remember the knife needs to able to be used with ease in ritual, the bigger the knife the harder it is to use in a confined space.
The main purpose of the athame is to provide protection for the witch and gain the support of the directions, elements, and the deities, so the ritual will go well. The athame has a few secondary jobs as well:
1. The athame attracts energy to the circle The athame a powerful tool that is able to “put on a beacon” and suck energy to it. This energy then can be harnessed by the witch and used in the casting of the spell or in completion of the ritual.
2. Invokes deities during ritual The athame draws the deities to the circle that is being cast. The invitation by the witch as the circle is being cast is to get the attention of the deities, and the athame is a place for them to place power and guide the ritual.
3. Banishes negative energies and other entities from the circle while it is being used The athame deals with those things that may damage or interfere with the outcome of the ritual or spell.
4. Sometimes used to cast circles instead of the wand This practice is mostly done when the ritual or spell is one of protection or banishment, two of the strengths of the athame.
The athame is often doing two jobs at once. It calls those things that are positive to the circle, while it is protecting and banishing what is negative. It is working with complete opposites at the same time. That is important to remember and think about when using the athame and calling on it for its powers and abilities. The better a witch understands its capabilities the more effective and positive use they will get out of the athame and their other tools.

The athame is used during ritual to: Cast the circle Open the circle if needed Invoke the god and goddess Symbolize male energies Direct magickal energy to a specific place or in a specific direction
The athame has associations with the following among the many Trads of witchcraft:
Element: Air/Fire
Direction: East/South
Color: Red
Gender: Male, phallic, used to represent the God

If planning to use the athame in public ceremonies make sure the local city, county, and state laws allow for that to occur. Some laws forbid any knife to be seen or used in public, no matter what capacity it is being used in. Be informed and educated about law, the court system and police expect people to know the law and will not make exceptions for religious freedoms unless permits and permissions have been approved.
There are many possible ways to pronounce the word athame. Here are the prominent three pronunciations I have come across time and time again in my exploration of the athame in witchcraft:
a’ - tha – may
ATH – um – may

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 2/44- A myth or story from Folklore

500 Word Essay on Chang-O, Moon Goddess
She is known by many names which are Chang'e, Ch'ang-O, Chang- Ngo and also known as Heng-E or Heng-O. She is the chinese Goddess of the Moon. Chang-O is unlike any of the other lunar deities, in other cultures who personify the moon, Chang-o only lives on the moon. As the "Woman on the Moon" Chang-o could be considered the chinese complement to the western notion of a man in the moon. The lunar crater Chang-Ngo is named after her.
      Chang'e was a beautiful young girl working in the Jade Emperor's palace, Some stories say that Chang'e was The Jade Emperor's daughter, others say she was just a girl working there. The Palace was in Heaven where immortals, good people, and Fairies lived. One Day she accidently broke a precious porcelain jar that angered the Jade Emperor, so much so that he banished her to live on Earth, where ordinary people lived. The only way to return to heaven, was if she contributed a valuable service on earth. Chang'e was transformed into a member of a poor farming family. When she was eighteen, a young hunter named Houyi from another village spotted her. They became good friends.
        One Day a strange occurence happened, a phenomenon you might say. 10 suns arose in the sky instead of one, blazing the earth, making the earth quite warmer than usual. Houyi, an expert archer, stepped forward to try to save the earth. He successfully shot down nine of the suns, becoming an instant hero. He eventually became king and married Chang'e. As time went on though, Houyi became a tyrant and very greedy. He wanted to become immortal, so he could live forever, so he ordered an Elixir to be created for him to prolong his life. The Elixir in the form of a single pill was almost ready, When Chang'e happened to find it, she either accidently or purposely swallowed the pill. King Houyi was outraged and went after his wife with his bow and arrow. Trying to flee, she jumped out the window of a chamber at the top of the palace, but instead of falling, she floated into the sky toward the moon. King Houyi tried to shoot her down with arrows, but without success. Her companion, a rabbit, is constantly pounding the elixir of immortality in a large mortar. King Houyi ascended to the sun and built a palace, He eventually forgave his wife and they would reunite on the moon when it become full. So Chang'e and Houyi came to represent the Yin and Yang, The moon and the sun. On Mid Autumn Day, the full moon night of the eigth lunar month, an altar is set up on the open air facing the moon to worship her. New Toiletries are put on the altar for her to bless. She endows her worshippers with beauty. So my understanding of the story is that it is not good to take something that is not yours and being greedy will get you nowhere.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 1/44- What is your Witchy Background?

Well as I may have mentioned before, I grew up going to many different churches, my mom and dad never forced me to go to church, well maybe when I was younger and went to Sunday School, but really I grew up going to many different churches on my own terms, trying to find the right place in go. I was never really happy in these places. It wasn't until I was 16 yrs old when I found some books in the library that caught my eye. "Drawing Down the Moon" by Margot Adler and "The Spiral Dance" by StarHawk. I borrowed them and I was intrigued, I started buying all these great books, I was finally happy, at least I thought so, but people close to me found out and was told I was going to hell, so reluctantly I stopped and once again continued finding the right church for me and not feeling very happy doing it. I did keep going back to witchcraft and I did keep going back to church until 2004, when I just decided I've had enough of the hippocrits and the judgmental people who claimed they were Christian, but they were idiots( I don't have anything against Christians, because I know there are really good people in this world) but then again there are idiots who claim they are just so they can use it against other people and that pisses me off. I'm happy where I am now, I'm not changing for anyone. I found my forever home in this world, so that is my witchy background, nothing too spectacular, no ancestors that I know of, no mentors to guide me, I found this on my own. Brightest Blessings )O(

Saturday, October 1, 2011

4 years of confusion

I'm really not understanding what is going on with all this blame and hate, and seriously I am tired of it, 4 years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, I thought by now I would have a better understanding of it, but I'm just as confused as I am now, I'm seriously considering deleting a lot of these groups. I find it extremely sad that people would sink so low and blame or even accuse innocent people, I've grown up being bullied and it still happens, I'm just not sure what to do anymore. I was hoping to find answers and even more understanding of my daughter's diagnosis, but instead I find blame and anger, and bullying, and plain ol bullshit. Yes I will admit that there are still awesome people who always has such wonderful information, and there are still a few groups that are worth staying. But I think that most groups will be deleted by tomorrow

44 days of Witchery

So I was super inspired by the lovely faerie-blood’s 30-Day Paganism and/or Witchcraft Tumblr Challenge! click here to read more about her challenge. I wanted to do a witchy Tumblr challenge as well, and for some reason I wanted it to be more extensive and personal - so 44 Days of Witchery was born! Feel free to participate as you see necessary, add, subtract, and do works best for you!
  1. What’s your witchy background? 
  2. A myth or story from folklore. 
  3. Witchy tools: athame.
  4. Picture of nature (water element).
  5. A favourite Goddess. 
  6. A favourite God. 
  7. Air element.
  8. A photo of a magical place outdoors. 
  9. A favourite mythological animal.
  10. Your sun sign.
  11. Witchy tools: oils.
  12. Picture of nature (air element).
  13. What are some of the witchy books that influenced you?
  14. A favourite pagan holiday that you celebrate. 
  15. Thoughts on the afterlife?
  16. Favourite witchy website(s).
  17. Picture of nature (fire element).
  18. Have you had any paranormal experiences?
  19. Fire element.
  20. A picture of a tarot or oracle card, and its meaning. 
  21. A favourite scent.
  22. Current moon phase.
  23. A favourite candle.
  24. Your moon sign.
  25. How do your close ones feel about your witchy path? Do they know? Why or why not? 
  26. A witchy podcast.
  27. Picture of nature (earth element).
  28. A picture of a witchy I-Want-It-Now!
  29. Water element.
  30. Witchy tools: wand.
  31. A favourite pagan/witchy movie.
  32. A pagan/witchy artwork. 
  33. Faerie of your choice.
  34. Rune of your choice.
  35. Something that I think people who don’t know much about paganism/witchcraft should know. 
  36. Flower of your choice, and its magical properties.
  37. A famous pagan/witch!
  38. Witchy tools: cauldron.
  39. Something that inspires you.
  40. Your altar, if you have one!
  41. A spell you’ve done.
  42. A favourite nature spirit.
  43. A magical recipe.
  44. Witches Choice