Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 7/8/9 Air element/ a photo of a magical place out doors/ A favorite Mythological Animal

Yes I know I said yesterday I was gonna try and catch up on my days but my computer was acting up and being slower than a snail which was really annoying the hell out of me, so I gave up. But today is all about pictures and I like pictures and I'm gonna add all 3 pictures right here right now

Day 7- Air Element I thought an eagle soaring through the sky was the perfect Representation of an Air Element, he's so strong and majestic.

Day 8- A photo of a magical place outdoors, I chose the Stonehenge, one of my dream magical places I wish to visit before I go off to the Summerlands.

Day 9- A favorite Mythological Animal, I chose the Phoenix because I love how she always survives and raises up from the Ashes, and she's so beautiful

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