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Day 11/44- Witchy Tools: Oils

Oil is a symbol of the element of fire and their magic works through vibrations and scent

Here are some of my favorites:

First off the Base Oil, which is used to mix and blend the oils

I like to use Grapeseed oil because
Grape seed oil is a preferred cosmetic ingredient for control of skin moisturization. A light, thin oil, grape seed oil leaves a glossy film over the skin when used as a carrier oil foressential oils in aromatherapy. It contains more linoleic acid than many other carrier oils. Grape seed oil is also used as a lubricant for shaving.

I also like to use Sweet Almond Oil because it's mild and it's used as well in Prosperity rituals such as annointing candles and money, etc.., also the symbol of wakefulness to the ancient Egyptians.

I also like Jojoba oil, but it can be fairly expensive and its not really an oil but they call it a wax ester, its an all day moisturizer.

Anyhow Let's get to the oils;

Basil- used for money, harmony, promotes sympathy, happiness and peace
Bergamot- Money and protection
Camphor- Purification, healing (particularly respiratory problems) and chastity
Cedar- Balance, spirituality, courage dreams
Cinnamon- used for personal protection, sexual stimulant for females, good for meditation, added to any incense, it increases its powers, money, and purification.
Clove- Courage, protection, sexual attractiveness, inhaled the oil helps the memory and eyesight, also good for toothaches.
Cypress- consecration, protection, healing (that of psychological problems), longevity
Eucalyptus- Health, Respiratory healing, purification, cures cold with daily application, add it to your healing baths
Frankincense- used to anoint magical tools, the altar. A strong purifier used in exorcisms, purification rituals, and blessings
Gardenia- Wear to attract love, A powerful feminine magnetic oil, protective
Grapefruit- Purification, banishes a sour disposition
Honeysuckle- An oil of the mind, it promotes quick thinking and is often used as a memory aid by dabbing on the temples, also used in prosperity rituals.
Jasmine- Symbol of the moon, used to attract love, helps you relax and sleep, sometimes used for meditation and general anointing purposes.
Lavender- Health, peace, relaxation, sleep, purification, fertility, love
Lemon- Energy, mental clarity, wit, cleansing
Lemon Grass- Psychic Awareness, purification, lust
Lemon Verbena- Love, purification
Lilac- Induces far memory, the act of recalling past lives, brings peace and harmony
Lime- Purification, cleansing, protection, fertility, love
Lotus- The sacred oil of the ancient Egyptians, suitable for blessings, anointing, meditation, dedicatory oil to your god(s)
Magnolia- Meditation, love, fidelity
Musk- sex, purification, courage
Myrrh- Spirituality, meditation, healing and blessing
Neroli- Happiness, protection, purification
Oak Moss- Money, prosperity, fertility
Orange- Purification, heightened awareness, luck
Patchouli- Money, physical energy, attraction, protection, sex
Peppermint- Purification, mental energy
Pine- Purification, money, healing, cleansing
Rose- Love, peace, sexual desire, beauty, maternal love
Rosemary- Love, Healing, energy, breaks hexes
Sandalwood- Spirituality, meditation, sex ,healing
Sweet Pea- New Friends, love, Happiness
Tangerine- Strength, power, Vitality
Vanilla- A vitalizing oil, energy restorer, sexually arousing in women
Vetivert- Money, Prosperity, attractiveness, breaks hexes
Yarrow- Courage, love, banishes negative entities
Ylang Ylang- Love, peace, sex, healing

Some Oil Recipes you may like;

Remember to always use an 1/8th of a cup of base oil with these.

Air Oil (elemental)- wear to invoke the powers of air and to promote clear thinking, for travel spells, and to over come addictions
5 drops Lavender
3 drops Sandalwood
1 drop Neroli

Anointing Oil- used for general ritual anointing purposes

5 drops Sandalwood
3 drops cedarwood
1 drop lemon
1 drop orange

Aphrodite Oil- use an olive oil base, and the Orris root to the oils, anoint your body to bring a love into your life

5 drops Cypress
2 drops Cinnamon
a small piece of dried orris root

Zodiac Sign Oils- wear as a personal oil to increase your own powers

Aquarius Oil

5 drops Lavender
1 drop cypress
1 drop patchouli

Aries Oil

3 drops frankincense
1 drop ginger
1 drop black pepper
1 drop petitgrain

Cancer Oil

4 drops Palmarosa
1 drop camomile
1 drop yarrow

Capricorn oil

3 drops Vetivert
2 drops Cypress
1 drop Patchouli

Gemini Oil

4 drops Lavender
1 drop peppermint
1 drop lemongrass
1 drop Sweetpea Bouquet

Leo Oil

3 drops Petitgrain
1 drop orange
1 drop lime

Libra Oil

4 drops Rose Geranium
2 drops Ylang Ylang
2 drops Palmarosa
1 drop Rose Absolut or otto
1 drop Cardamom

Pisces Oil

3 drops Ylang Ylang
3 drops Sandalwood
1 drop Jasmine

Sagittarius Oil

4 drops Rosemary
2 drops Oakmoss Bouquet
1 drop clove

Scorpio Oil

3 drops pine
2 drops cardamom
1 drop black pepper

Taurus Oil

4 drops oakmoss
2 drops cardamom
1 drop ylang ylang

Virgo Oil

4 drops oakmoss
2 drops patchouli
1 drop cypress

 Okay I am done with the oils for now because my computer today has cause me lots of grief and this one post has taken me all day to finish. Blessed Be )O(

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