Saturday, October 1, 2011

4 years of confusion

I'm really not understanding what is going on with all this blame and hate, and seriously I am tired of it, 4 years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, I thought by now I would have a better understanding of it, but I'm just as confused as I am now, I'm seriously considering deleting a lot of these groups. I find it extremely sad that people would sink so low and blame or even accuse innocent people, I've grown up being bullied and it still happens, I'm just not sure what to do anymore. I was hoping to find answers and even more understanding of my daughter's diagnosis, but instead I find blame and anger, and bullying, and plain ol bullshit. Yes I will admit that there are still awesome people who always has such wonderful information, and there are still a few groups that are worth staying. But I think that most groups will be deleted by tomorrow

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