Thursday, September 29, 2011


A Familiar is a living creature or animal that has personal and spiritual meaning to you. Some describe their familiars as their Spiritual Teachers while on their Magickal Journey, Other People just call them their companions, either way these creatures or pets are special to you. Familiars can be just about any animal or creature that we can find a connection to, it doesn't have to be just a cat, a wolf, a toad, an Eagle, or a dog because there is no one way to discover who it might be or no right way to honor or experience them.

Do I have a Familiar? Why Yes I do, The cats in the neighbourhood seem to like flocking to my doorstep and even come in for a bite to eat. My Cat Lulu is my familiar, she likes to have a nap on my altar or join in on the rituals, She also likes to put her 2 cents in when I'm mixing my herbs. I've had her since day 1 from the moment she was born and I thought she was so special, no one adopted her, so she became a part of my family and I'm glad she did. I do believe I have other Familiars as well, One being Birds and the other Dragon Fly. I feel so connected to these animals and every where I go these animals are close by. So what are your Familiars?

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