Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Apologies for long absence

Holy Crap it has been quite awhile since my last post, November 6th 2011...hmmmm. Alot happened since then that's for sure, Let's see, I was trying to get NanoWriMo in order, working my butt off trying to get it done, but nooooo I end up fracturing my ankle real bad, so bad it needed a plate and 12 screws to hold it together, spent a week in the hospital which was fucking boring as hell. This was November 20th, spent a month and a half at my mom and dads place having them care for me and my girls which pretty much made this writing thing disappear, going to be ready for next time and not leaving the house till its done. I wish no one a broken ankle, well maybe a few people, but that's a different story. So anyhow, still recovering almost 7 months later, got a feeling my ankle will never be the same again. What else has happened since my last post, let's see, got a new kitty. His name is Esso, mostly black with a little white on his chest and underbelly. Oh my Gosh the most sweetest, annoying, lovable, attention loving cat we ever owned. He's annoying because he meows to much and I have no clue what he wants and neither do my daughters, but we love him anyways. Some sad news, back in March we lost Rascal our Rat, poor little guy :( he died a happy life though. I figured it was time for me to restart writing again, damn depression overtook me during these past few months and I hated it, I went through some pretty dark times. What better place to start writing, then my lovely little blog, maybe that might get some creative juices flowing. Just wanted to stop by again and say hi <3

This is Esso;

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