Saturday, June 9, 2012

Horse Racing, fantasies, Johnny Depp and other excitements from the day

The title alone shows how much I have going through my lovely head all at once, so I was looking forward to watching "I'll have Another" win the Belmont today, but the poor baby had to be retired yesterday due to on coming tendonitis, so better than he be put down after a hard long race, wishing him a speedy recovery, So I rooted for Union Rags and he won, didn't look promising at the beginning, but he pulled through...yayyyyy. Today is Johnny Depp's Birthday, damn I love him to pieces, well I love Adam Lambert a little more, but hey a girl can dream, put me in between the both of them and I shall die a happy death. It doesn't matter if Adam is Gay, it's my fantasy..hehehe ( is it getting warm in here) soooo any how, today was so crappy with rain, it was raining all day, tomorrow is going to be better according to the weatherman, did I say other excitements for today? Nope nothing really happened that was exciting

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