Monday, June 11, 2012

My Favorite Top twenty 70s songs

Well originally it was going to be 10, but I just couldn't choose, there are so many I that I enjoyed listening to when I was a young one, so here we go starting with number 20:
20) The Hustle by Van McCoy, seriously can't sit still when this plays, the dance is really easy to do

19) Disco Duck by Rick Dees and his cast of Idiots, lol I still love this song, so funny

18) Low Rider by War, awesome song

17) How Can you Mend a Broken Heart by The BeeGees, oh my god I cry every time I hear this song, RIP Robin Gibb, you are so missed. :(

16) Joy To the World by Three Dog Night, Just Yes :)

15) Love, love will keep us together by the Captain and Tennille

14) Bad Girls by The Disco Queen herself Donna Summer, another legend gone to soon :(

13) Do Ya Think I'm Sexy by Sexy Rod Stewart, oh the memories of this song ;o)

12) Staying Alive by The Beegees, Now who doesn't love Disco :)

11) Dancing Queen by Abba, I love them so much

10) Copacabana by Barry Manilow, oh my god those beautiful eyes, that beautiful voice *sigh

9) American Pie by Don McLean

8) In The Ghetto- Elvis Presley

7) In the Summertime- Mungo Jerry

6) Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the old oak tree- Tony Orlando and Dawn, yes a guilty pleasure of what can I say I love the song

5) Dream on- Aerosmith

4) Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynrd, AWESOME AWESOME SONG, Yup that's why it here at number 4

3) Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues

2) Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks, are you ready for number 1, DRUM ROLLLLLLLLLL

1) My all time favorite song from the 70s, that I absolutely love, that I have used as my theme song for many years is I WILL SURVIVE BY GLORIA GAYNOR, so now go walk out the door, don't come around here, you're not welcome any more, I've got all my love to give, I've got all my life to live, I will Survive I will Survive. hey hey. Hope you all enjoyed my little musical this evening <3

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